CA Ethanol Highway Funds Penalty


The Ethanol in Gasoline Penalty [150KB]                  
November 2003
 White Environmental Associates


CA Ozone & Ethanol in Gasoline


Emission Impacts from Ethanol in Gasoline
Cal Hodge, A2O
· A2O Comments to CARB, 07/25/02 [178KB]
· Ban Ethanol?, O&GJ - 10/06/03 [81KB]
· Broken Ethanol Promises,
DeWitt 10/30/03 [390KB]



Executive Order D-5-99, March 25, 1999 [75KB]
        California Governor, Gray Davis


Executive Order D-52-02, March 14, 2002 [69KB]
        California Governor, Gray Davis



MTBE/USTs: A TRUE PERSPECTIVE                                 White Environmental Associates
Mealey’s MTBE & UST Litigation Conference
November 2002
· Written Text [121KB]
· Presentation Slides [368KB]


CA AB 2481 Additional Tank Requirements [311KB]


Migration of UST Vapors? [38KB]

CA SB 989 MTBE and Underground Tank Law [124KB]

California Tank Program More Protective [33KB]
The Proof Is In the Improvements and the Performance
White Environmental Associates
      July 2001



Impact of MTBE Phase Out [1,287KB]
- California Strategic Fuels Reserve -
Stillwater Associates Inc. for the
California Energy Commission
July 2002

CA's Plans for MTBE [158KB]
   Gordon Schremp
     California Energy Commission
     March 2002
The Social Cost of an MTBE Ban in California [2,792KB]
Gordon C. Rausser, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley and Gregory D. Adams, W. David Montgomery and Anne E. Smith, Charles River Associates

No Free Lunch — Understanding ALL Impacts of an MTBE Ban [99KB]
B.D. McNutt and Tom White, Office of Policy,
U.S. Department of Energy
G. R. Hadder, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Unstudied Risks ... Economic Assessment of Conversion from MTBE to Ethanol in California [116KB]
Prepared for the American Methanol Institute by the Monitor Company, September 1999

So Why Are We Phasing Out MTBE? [40KB]
A Review of the UC MTBE Study versus Real World Experience                                                         Volume I, “Summary & Recommendations” from the Study, “Health & Environmental Assessment of MTBE”



USE & RELEASE OF MTBE IN CANADA                               No Ban: Upgrade Tanks     [617KB]                                      Environment Canada                                                   March 2003


TERT-BUTYL METHYL ETHER - Summary Risk Assessment Report [856KB]
European Communities 2002,
Special Publication I.02.101

MTBE and the Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Construction and Operation In Member States [450KB]
Final Report to European Commission, March 2001, Arthur D. Little Limited


Commission of the European Communities MTBE Risk Evaluation and Risk Reduction Strategies Recommendation [1527KB]
7 November 2001,
Official Journal of the European Communities



CA Public Water System MTBE Monitoring Data Tracking [13KB]
May 1997 – July 2002

A Probabilistic Assessment of Household Exposures to MTBE in California Drinking Water [484KB]
Pamela R. D. Williams, Sc.D., Paul K. Scott, B.A.
Patrick J. Sheehan, Ph.D., Dennis J. Paustenbach, Ph.D.

MTBE in California Drinking Water: An Analysis of Patterns and Trends [867KB]
Pamela R. D. Williams, Sc.D.

An Overview of Groundwater Quality Throughout the State [1,727KB]
James Giannopoulos, Division of Clean Water Programs, State Water Resources Control Board, February 2002

HEI Studies Confirm Low Toxicity of MTBE in Gasoline [104KB]
       Health Effects Institute
       Cambridge, MA 02139
       June 2001

Health Effects of MTBE vs. California Water Contaminants More Pervasive than MTBE [41KB]



TBA as a Contaminant in Ground Water                   NGWA Conference - August 19, 2003
Ravi Kolhatkar, GEM (A BP Affiliated Company)
· TBA Occurance and Sources [375KB]
· TBA Gasoline/Non-Gasoline Sources [332KB]


South Tahoe Cross-Contamination & MTBE Contamination                                                     Contamination Made Worse During Investigation & Monitoring   [319KB]  
White Environmental Associates                                          May 2003


TBA/MTBE Remediation Seminar [2,352KB]
Lyondell Chemical Company                           Fall/Winter 2002

Natural Attenuation of MTBE [149KB]
California CUPA Conference, Tim Buscheck, Senior Staff Hydrogeologist, ChevronTexaco Energy Research and Technology Company
      February 2002

Evaluation of the Fate and Transport of Ethanol in the Environment [161KB]
Prepared by: Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.